John Carver of the Pilgrim Fathers

John Carver, prominent leader among the Pilgrim Fathers, 1st Governor of Plymouth Colony, yet little is known of him. This book seeks to redress the situation.
Not one of the original Pilgrim Fathers, it shows when he did join them what an impact he had on their project. This biography tells of his life before and with the Pilgrim Fathers.
This book is factual, nothing is added that cannot be proved as said or done.

(as expected)

1. Introduction
2. Marie de Lannoy
3. Catherine Leggett
4. The Separatists
5. Events in Leiden
6. Life in Aldgate
7. The Journey Begins
8. The Journey
9. First Steps
10. John Carver: The Governor
11. Death of Governor John Carver
12. Conclusion
Appendix 1   Letters to John Carver
Appendix 2   Letters mentioning John Carver

Appendix 3   Documents


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