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The Pilgrim Fathers

John Carver & The Pilgrim Fathers – (non-fiction book)
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This book tells about the life he led in England before joining the Pilgrim Fathers and after he joined them. It seeks to fill in John Carver’s life before joining the Pilgrim Fathers. I found many more questions raised about him while researching this book. All archives, libraries and churches are currently closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.



  1. The Forgotten Pilgrim
  2. Errors about John Carver
  3. John Carver’s Background
  4. Historical Setting
  5. Marie De Lannoy
  6. Catherine Leggett
  7. John Carver & The Separatists
  8. John Carver: The Negotiator
  9. Preparations For The Journey
  10. The Journey
  11. John Carver: The Governor
    1. Conclusion
      Appendix 1   Letters to John Carver
      Appendix 2   Letters mentioning John Carver

      Appendix 3   Documents

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