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Murder Most Foul (see News)
1st DI Jack Kirby novel
Due: 2020/2021
An extremely wealthy and successful business woman is found murdered in a run down hotel. Robbery is not the motive, but what is? Who did it? Why? Was it someone from her past, or present life? Detective Inspector Jack Kirby and his team need all the resources available at their disposal to solve this intriguing case.
Read James McCreet’s forensic criticism to the beginning of:
Murder Most Foul(originally Only A Weekend)
‘This is not a bad start to a crime novel. The style style suits the content and there’s immediately a mystery for the reader. The premise and structure are good……… There’s the foundation of something good here.’
James McCreet
Under The Microscope, Writing Magazine, February 2019

“This world doesn’t give handouts; don’t expect any. You’ve got to go out and grab the opportunities yourself. You’ve got to put your back into study and work. Don’t expect others to pity you and do it for you; they won’t. It’s a hard, cruel world out there and it doesn’t owe you a living. The sooner you learn that, the better you’ll be.”
Quotation from Beverly Wright. Taken from my crime novel, Murder Most Foul

Other DCI Jack Kirby novels planned

Barracuda Junction
2nd DI Jack Kirby novel
Due: TBA
DI Jack Kirby is in Edinburgh attending Dave Marlon’s funeral; his best friend. He’s ordered to transport a prisoner to London. Things don’t go to plan. He escapes. Kirby has to track this felon and bring him to justice.

Death Or Glory
3rd DI Jack Kirby
Due: TBA
This novel’s background is the Battle of Omdurman. There the 21st Lancers charge was given by Major General Herbert Kitchener on 2nd September 1898 during the Sudanese Wars.
DI Jack Kirby is sent to 21st Lancers Reunion of the Battle of Omdurman at Bachman Manor. After Re-telling the Battle and the Reunion Banquet in The Great Hall, all moved into The Ballroom. A guest is later found in The Great Hall; murdered. Who was responsible?

Other Writings

Home At Last – a short war story.
A battleship fights against the storms and gales on its journey home after sinking the pride of the enemy’s navy. The tremendous battle she faces against the struggle with elements of nature prove to be just as daunting a task, if not more so, than her previous conflict with the mighty surface raider.

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