Crime Novels

Debut Crime Novel (Untitled)

1st DI Jack Kirby
Anticipated Date Due: 2022

A successful business woman is murdered in a rundown hotel. Robbery is not the motive. What is? Who did it? Why? Someone from her past, or present life?
Detective Inspector Jack Kirby and his team need all the resources available at their disposal to solve this intriguing case.

Underneath is the start of Chapter 1 of my Crime Novel (mentioned above)

Detective Inspector Jack Kirby opened the door to Room 14 in the Effingham Hotel. He stepped inside. Stretched out before him lay a body, face up on a threadbare carpet. Blue silk pyjamas, female, petite, slim, and dead.

‘Her name’s Beverly Wright,’ said Detective Sergeant Rowena Farr, standing near Kirby. ‘She’d only come for the weekend. That’s the gist of what they said downstairs. Her clothes in the wardrobe say otherwise.’

The pallid wallpaper was peeling away. Mould and mildew gathered in the corners. Kirby found difficulty stomaching the sickening, foul, fusty smell. He felt like vomiting. The taste of the vomit would be worse than this smell. He resisted.

Kirby spun around. ‘Sergeant Farr, get the photographer. We need photographs of her sharpish. Get her clothes together. Sort them out. I want photographs, manufacturer’s names, sizes, et cetera. Anything inside the pockets, bag up.’

Other DI Jack Kirby novels planned

Barracuda Junction

2nd DI Jack Kirby novel
In planning stage

Due: TBA

A Marksman is killing people. Does anything link them? DI Jack Kirby is ordered to transport a prisoner to London. Things don’t go to plan. He escapes. Kirby has to find what is behind these murders.


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