Crime Novels

Debut Crime Novel (Untitled)

1st DI Jack Kirby
Anticipated Date Due: 2023/24

A successful business woman is murdered in a rundown hotel. Robbery is not the motive. What is? Who did it? Why? Someone from her past, or present life?
Detective Inspector Jack Kirby and his team need all the resources available at their disposal to solve this intriguing case.

Underneath is the start of of my Crime Novel (mentioned above)

Chapter 1

The door to Room 21, in the Effingham Hotel, opens. Detective Inspector Jack Kirby steps inside. He stands momentarily surveying the room. The morning rays are falling on a woman’s body before him. She lies on a threadbare carpet on the floor. She is wearing silk pyjamas. She was a beautiful woman. Looking closer at her neck there is a recent scar there.

‘Her name’s Beverly Wright,’ says a female voice behind Kirby. ‘She’s dead.

He turns around. ‘Thank you, Sergeant Farr,’ he says, with a wry smile on his face. ‘What bits of information do you have for me?

She moves from behind Kirby, to his left side, hands him a pair of latex gloves. ‘She’d only come for the weekend. That’s the gist of what they said downstairs.’

‘Did they say anything else downstairs?’

‘On my arrival at Reception, the staff said it was a burglary gone wrong. The rumour went, it was an opportunist thief who was disturbed.’

‘Did they say who started the rumour?’

‘No. No-one wanted to say anything in case they made enemies of their work mates. I think it might have been the owner or his wife. Look at it like this, if they fingered them, they could lose their jobs.’

‘I’m suspicious, Rowena. Let’s look at it the way they say it happened. While the burglars were busy going about their work they hear a noise. It disturbs them. They stop, it was Beverly Wright. They struck out at her, killing her. Nice little story but not one shred of truth in it. None of this happened. Why? I would say this is pure fantasy. It doesn’t make sense.’

Other DI Jack Kirby novels planned

The Web (First of a Trilogy)

2nd DI Jack Kirby novel
In planning stage

Due: TBA

Three men on a train. The driver, The victim (who has been knifed), and DI Jack Kirby. Kirby has to find the forth man and put the knife in his hand. Who was he? Why was he killed? These are questions facing Kirby.


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