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Alan Archer – Writer


I was born and brought up in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England. I lived with my wife, Sylvia, in Armthorpe, Doncaster, until her death in 2017 of ovarian cancer. I now live in the same house with my stepdaughter, Clare Goult. My stepson, Jason Goult BA (Hons.), lives as an artist in Carlisle, Cumbria. I have no children of my own.
I have an identical twin brother, John, who lives with his wife, Pauline, in another part of Doncaster, UK. John’s son, Neil, lives in Florida, USA. John’s daughter, Karen, lives with her family in Doncaster.
My older brother, Cyril, died of a heart attack at his home in Lincolnshire, UK. His wife, Mildred, also died there. Their daughter, Shelia, lives in Lincolnshire. Their son, Martin, lives in Spain.

I worked as an Administration Assistant, Salesman, Warehouseman, and many other jobs too numerous to mention. I’ve had self-employed businesses as a Tour Operator, and a Salesman. I became involved for a time in politics at a local level. This was with the Liberal Democrats.

When not writing, I assist the charity, Doncaster P2 Locomotive Trust Ltd. I help on the Fundraising Team. My hobbies and interests include writing, current affairs, environmental issues, steam railways, soccer particularly Sheffield Wednesday F.C., reading, travel, and music.

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