The Pilgrim Fathers

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Pack of 6 cards of Pilgrim Fathers scenes (see above)






This month, (May), we have joined Etsy.com to sell the booklets and greetings cards to a wider market. Etsy is an American company and it’s the American market we aim to plug into. We’ve already begun attracting some views, and hope it will not be too long before these start turning into sales. Address: http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/alanarcherwriter

Changes have had to be made this month that affects how we operate. The market side of the business has been curtailed due to the loss of my car. We are now limited to what markets we can attend. Being reliant on public transport influences how much stock we can carry. We’ve been using carrier bags, but someone suggested using suitcases to us.

To help cover our costs we have introduced a new line on our market stalls. The new line is secondhand books. These are novels from different genres. They are quality books by well known authors or best sellers. The first book to sell was H.R.H. by Danielle Steele.

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