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John Carver & The Pilgrim Fathers (non-fiction booklet)
A new edition to be brought out in the near future
John Carver & The Pilgrim Fathers (non-fiction book)
2 preliminary orders
Murder Most Foul (Crime Novel)
This will not be the title of the book. This is due to there being
a 1964 Agatha Christie film of the same name. The tile of the book it was taken from by Agatha Christie was, Mrs McGinty’s Dead.

Murder Most Foul – (fiction)
My debut novel introducing Detective Inspector Jack Kirby.
Manuscript sent to my mentor and core-editor from Cornerstones Literary Consultancy. He has 3 crime novels published and does editing and acting. Work will start on Sunday and could last up to 6 months.
Expected Publication Date: 2021

A wealthy woman, Beverly Wright, is found murdered in a rundown hotel. Detective Inspector Jack Kirby and Detective Sergeant Rowena Farr are given the case.

John Carver & The Pilgrim Fathers – (non-fiction book)
preparing to go to Proofreaders (late Jan./early Feb. 2021)
Biography of John Carver and his involvement with the Pilgrim Fathers.
‘The man behind the voyage of the Pilgrim Fathers in the Mayflower’
Contains 13 well researched Chapters and 3 Appendices.
Price: TBA
Launch Date: 2020/2021


The Government has placed a National Lockdown on the country in its aim to stem Coronavirus (Covid-19). This means we won’t be able to attend the markets until after Easter 2021.
We’ve made many good friends at the markets, who always come and chat when passing. We’ve also made some very good contacts who are willing to help promote the booklet. Some recommendations cannot be followed up as they’re closed with lockdown.
Until then I am finishing a crime novel, ‘Murder Most Foul’, in readiness to be be brought before agents and publishers. There is also a non-fiction book about the Pilgrim Fathers nearing completion.

Venues Closed associated with the Pilgrim Fathers/Mayflower due to Coronavirus (Covid-19)
a. Gainsborough Old Hall, Gainsborough
b. John Robinson United Reformed Church, Gainsborough

c. Gainsborough Heritage Centre, Gainsborough
d. Boston Guildhall, Boston
e. Mayflower Pub, Austerfield

f. Civil War Museum, Newark

Barracuda Junction (planning)
Another DI Jack Kirby novel.
An old book title developed from discussion with Ian Rankin at Harrogate in 2019. A fast moving adventure novel with a catch-me-if-you-can theme.

Missing (planning)
Another DI Jack Kirby novel.
The Chief Superintendents niece is missing. Based on a true story.

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