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John Carver & The Pilgrim Fathers

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Fiction Book

Crime Novel – (fiction – untitled yet)
My debut novel introducing Detective Inspector Jack Kirby.
The book has been accepted by Cornerstone Literary Consultants to bring it to publication standard. Mark Leggett is my allotted mentor. There’s much work to do but much has been achieved.
Work involves: cutting number of characters, main reason for each chapter, one page of main points per chapter, rewriting first three chapters (showing not telling), showing character’s point of view. (what they see, hear, smell, feel, etc.)
Other items such as: sentence construction, sentence lengths, and grammar will follow later.
Expected Publication Date: 2021/2022

A wealthy woman, Beverly Wright, is found murdered in a rundown hotel. Detective Inspector Jack Kirby and Detective Sergeant Rowena Farr are given the case.

John Carver of The Pilgrim Fathers (Non-Fiction book)
2 preliminary order
Biography of John Carver and his involvement with the Pilgrim Fathers.
‘The man behind the voyage of the Pilgrim Fathers in the Mayflower’
Contains 13 well researched Chapters and 3 Appendices.
Price: TBA
Launch Date: 2021/2022
Started final edit applying writing techniques learnt editing my novel
Preparing to go to Proof-readers


All venues associated with the Pilgrim Fathers/Mayflower due to Coronavirus (Covid-19)
More places will be stocking the Pilgrim Fathers material after lockdown has been raised. These will be at: venues, events, lectures, tour sites, etc. themed with the Pilgrim Fathers, (as can be arranged).
Lockdown is expected to be lifted in mid-June 2021 with things returning to normal.

Crime Novels Planned

Barracuda Junction (draft planning)
Another DI Jack Kirby novel.
An old book title developed from discussion with Ian Rankin at Harrogate in 2019. A fast moving adventure novel with a catch-me-if-you-can theme.

Missing (basic planning)
Another DI Jack Kirby novel.
The Chief Superintendents niece is missing. Based on a true story.

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