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Covid-19 is affecting distribution of John Carver & The Pilgrim Fathers (32-page illustrated booklet; £4.95/$6.50). See Home, and Sales pages for details. They are placed in some outlets where they can be purchased. These English outlets are closed until further notice. A list of more places earmarked as outlets, will be added to the list when they are open.

Outside UK
Orders placed from outside the UK are will be sent on the availability of airline flights when restrictions are lifted.
The situation is being monitored daily for any changes.
Firm Orders (paid) Those who have ordered a booklet outside the UK, will receive them as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted.
Bulk Orders These will be treated as above if they are Firm Orders otherwise they will be treated as Preliminary Orders.
Preliminary Orders will take longer.

Inside UK
Whitby Gospel Music Convention, Epworth Show, Auckley Show – All Cancelled.

Online Orders
Deliveries – they are sent 1st Class mail with the Post Office
The outlets where booklets are on sale are closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
Some of these outlets could open in July 2020.
Contact them, (see Home), for further up-to-date information.
a. They are listed below so you can obtain a copy once the restrictions are lifted. b. More outlets throughout the country will be added as soon as restrictions permit.
c. Watch below as more outlets are added
Where booklets are on sale:
Tourist Information Centre, Temporarily Closed
1 Priory Place, Doncaster, DN1 1BN Tel: 01302 734309
Mercre Doncaster Centre Danum Hotel, Temporarily Closed
High Street, Doncaster, DN1 1DN Tel: 01302 342261
Home Farm & Lodge, Temporarily Closed
(next to Mayflower Pub) Mayflower Pub closed – for sale.
High Street, Austerfield,DN10 6QU Tel: 07516 102676
Pilgrim Fathers Pub & Visitor Centre, Temporarily Closed
Great North Road, Scrooby, DN10 6AT Tel: 01302 710740
The Hub, Temporarily Closed
11 Churchgate, Retford, DN22 6PA Tel: 01777 860414
Firm Orders (paid) Those who have ordered a booklet outside the UK, it will be mailed to you first class.
Bulk Orders These will be treated as above if they are Firm Orders otherwise they will be treated as Preliminary Orders. Every effort will be made to furnish you with your order. Should your order be a large one and you want to collect them, please contact me beforehand. Deliveries will be arranged. Delivery Time depends on order size.
Preliminary Orders will take longer.


Presentations: John Carver & The Pilgrim Fathers is available to show in church halls, community centres, clubs, etc. as a Presentation, when open again. If you would like a Presentation for your group, make a preliminary booking.
It is realised many people and places might not be able to have a Presentation of, ‘John Carver & the Pilgrim Fathers’, or to attend one. To overcome this it is being looked to see if the Presentations can be made as DVDs. If this can be achieved, they’ll be put on sale for people to buy. This allows flexibility for Presentations to shown anytime, anywhere.
Booklet Selling Tours: With the majority of events and outlets are closed, Tours are being planned for bookshops still open in Pilgrim Country towns and cities. More about this when arranged.
Post Cards: The 1st set Postcards will be photographs of places associated with the Pilgrim Fathers in Pilgrim Country.


John Carver & The Pilgrim Fathers (non-fiction)
Book with No Pictures
This book tells about the life he led in England before joining the Pilgrim Fathers and after he joined them. It seeks to answer many of the questions raised about John Carver. It doesn’t answer them all as I found many more questions need answering about him while researching this book. All archives, libraries and churches are currently closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Up To Date News!!
Checking bibliography; re-checking for errors. Then to the proofreader before sending to an agent/publisher. Aim is for it to be out for Thanksgiving 2020.


Crime Fiction Novels

Only A Weekend renamed Murder Most Foul
Murder Most Foul
1st of DCI Jack Kirby novels.

Almost finished. Then sent to a proofreader before going to an agent/publisher.

Here are the first 300 words of the book:

The Effingham Hotel was not the best of places. But it came with the job for Detective Chief Inspector Jack Kirby. A woman had been murdered. Detective Sergeant Rowena Farr was standing outside the door in her forensic suit. When Kirby arrived, she passed him his. She opened the door; they entered.

‘Her name was Miss Beverly Wright,’ she said.

He nodded. He looked at the body lying face up on the floor.

‘She’d only come for the weekend. That was the gist of what they said downstairs. But look at the clothes in the wardrobe.’


Miss Wright’s petite, slim frame lay on the cheap, threadbare carpet.

She was about 5’ 6” in height and weighed approximately nine stone. She was wearing light-blue silk pyjamas.

DS Farr, get the photographer and a policewoman. Go through her clothes together. I want the manufacturer’s names, sizes, et cetera. I want photographs. Anything inside the pockets, I want bagged up. That leads us to ask; what was this woman doing in a cheap dive like this? What brought her to this place of all places? We need answers.’

Looking round the room DCI Kirby didn’t like what he saw. The threadbare mottled curtains hadn’t been opened. They would crumble in his hands if he tried. Grime kept them together. The wallpaper was beginning to peel away. It showed a pale resemblance of its design and colour. Mould and mildew were in the corners where the ceiling and walls met. Kirby wanted to leave, but had to stay. He could hardly bear the foul, fusty smell.

Kirby said, ‘DS Farr, tell me when you’ve finished. I’ve a job for you.’

Kirby’s voice made the Divisional Doctor look up. He’d almost finished examining his patient. 

‘Come here Jack, I think you’ll like this one.’

Barracuda Junction (planning)
2nd of DCI Jack Kirby novels.
An old book title developed after a discussion with Ian Rankin at Harrogate in 2019. A fast moving adventure novel with a catch-me-if-you-can theme.

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