Since February 2021 I have learnt much while working on my novel with Cornerstones Literary Consultancy. My manuscript is now finished and waiting to be sent to my mentor, Mark Leggatt from Edinburgh. If he deems no more work is required on it he will pass it on to Cornerstones. They in turn will read through it and pass it to a suitable agent. The agent’s job will then be to approach publishes and sell the manuscript to them. I will then receive the payment for the manuscript minus the agent’s commission. This will not mean I can sit back and take things easy. Far from it!

I have now to produce a synopsis of the book and a covering letter. The synopsis tells the agents and publishers to story of the book. It has to contain details of the main characters in the book, main suspects, main lines of enquiries, main characters interviewed, as well as the sub-plots. The novel has thirty three chapters and the synopsis has to be one side of A4 paper. A daunting task in itself.

The covering letter is what writers use to sell their work to the agent/publisher. This is the writer’s way to pitch where they have to sell the book and themselves. It is similar to what the entrepreneurs do on Dragon’s Den. This applies to the writers letter. The book can be rejected, but not the author, Both the book and the author can be rejected, the book can be rejected, but not the author, the book can be accepted, but not the author, or the book and the author can be accepted. The latter should be the aim of the covering letter.

Work is underway on the 2nd Inspector Jack Kirby novel, ‘Barracuda Junction.’ Planning is continuing and with it research. This involves research into the characters, each one has to live on the pages, research into places, weather, seasons, food, etc. As Barracuda Junction is a railway place this needs researching and the trains using the railway lines. Even the serial killer has to be researched. Why does he do it? What is is motives?

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