The Pilgrim Fathers

John Carver & The Pilgrim Fathers – (non-fiction book)
Price: TBA
Launch Date: 2020/2021
This book tells about the life he led in England before joining the Pilgrim Fathers and after he joined them. It seeks to answer many of the questions raised about John Carver. It doesn’t answer them all as I found many more questions need answering about him while researching this book. All archives, libraries and churches are currently closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.



  1. The Forgotten Pilgrim
  2. Errors about John Carver
  3. John Carver’s Background
  4. Historical Setting
  5. Marie De Lannoy
  6. Catherine Leggett
  7. John Carver & The Separatists
  8. John Carver: The Negotiator
  9. Preparations For The Journey
  10. The Journey
  11. John Carver: The Governor
  12. Conclusion
    Appendix 1   Letters to John Carver
    Appendix 2   Letters mentioning John Carver
    Appendix 3   Documents

Crime Novels

Murder Most Foul (see News above)
1st DCI Jack Kirby novel
Due: 2020/2021
A extremely wealthy and successful business woman is found murdered in a run down hotel where even rats would not be found dead in. Robbery is not the motive, but what is? Who did it and why? Could it be someone from her past, or her present life? Jack Kirby needs all the resources available at his disposal if he is to solve this intriguing case.

Here are the first 300 words of the book:

The Effingham Hotel was not the best of places. But it came with the job for Detective Chief Inspector Jack Kirby. A woman had been murdered. Detective Sergeant Rowena Farr was standing outside the door in her forensic suit. When Kirby arrived, she passed him his. She opened the door; they entered.

‘Her name was Miss Beverly Wright,’ she said.

He nodded. He looked at the body lying face up on the floor.

‘She’d only come for the weekend. That was the gist of what they said downstairs. But look at the clothes in the wardrobe.’


Miss Wright’s petite, slim frame lay on the cheap, threadbare carpet.

She was about 5’ 6” in height and weighed approximately nine stone. She was wearing light-blue silk pyjamas.

DS Farr, get the photographer and a policewoman. Go through her clothes together. I want the manufacturer’s names, sizes, et cetera. I want photographs. Anything inside the pockets, I want bagged up. That leads us to ask; what was this woman doing in a cheap dive like this? What brought her to this place of all places? We need answers.’

Looking round the room DCI Kirby didn’t like what he saw. The threadbare mottled curtains hadn’t been opened. They would crumble in his hands if he tried. Grime kept them together. The wallpaper was beginning to peel away. It showed a pale resemblance of its design and colour. Mould and mildew were in the corners where the ceiling and walls met. Kirby wanted to leave, but had to stay. He could hardly bear the foul, fusty smell.

Kirby said, ‘DS Farr, tell me when you’ve finished. I’ve a job for you.’

Kirby’s voice made the Divisional Doctor look up. He’d almost finished examining his patient. 

‘Come here Jack, I think you’ll like this one.’

Other DCI Jack Kirby novels planned

Barracuda Junction
2nd DCI Jack Kirby novel
Due: TBA
DCI Jack Kirby is in Edinburgh attending Dave Marlon’s funeral; his best friend. He is ordered to transport a prisoner to the Old Bailey, London. Kirby finds this prisoner shot his best friend. Things don’t go according to plan. He escapes. Kirby has to track this felon down and bring him to justice.

Death Or Glory
3rd DCI Jack Kirby
Due: TBA
The background of this novel is based on the 21st Lancers charge given by Major General Herbert Kitchener at the Battle of Omdurman on 2nd September 1898 during the Sudanese Wars.
DCI Jack Kirby is called to the scene of the 21st Lancers Reunion of the Battle of Omdurman at Bachman Manor. After Re-telling the Battle and the Reunion Banquet in The Great Hall, all moved into The Ballroom. A guest is later found in The Great Hall; murdered. Who was responsible?

Other Writings

Home At Last – a short war story.
A battleship fights against the storms and gales on its journey home after sinking the pride of the enemy’s navy. The tremendous battle she faces against the struggle with elements of nature prove to be just as daunting a task, if not more so, than her previous conflict with the mighty surface raider.

Published by Alan Archer

Alan is the eldest of twin brothers. He lives in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England with his step-daughter Clare Goult. He lost his wife, Sylvia, to cancer in August 2017. Alan plans that his 32 page booklet, ‘John Carver & The Pilgrim Fathers’, should be published in 2019. This is ‘Commemorating the 400th Anniversary of The Pilgrim Fathers’ Voyage of the Mayflower, 1620’. Alan is finishing a book on the life of John Carver and his involvement with The Pilgrim Fathers. Alan is currently writing a DCI Jack Kirby crime novel, ‘Only A Weekend’. He has plans for a following book entitled, ‘Barracuda Junction’. When Alan is not writing he helps with the charity, Doncaster P2 Locomotive Trust Ltd. as their Events Manager and helps on the Fundraising Team. He has experience as a self-employed Tour Operator that required organisational skills, book-keeping and people management. Alan has worked as a Salesman, Administration Assistant, and many other types of jobs too numerous to mention. Alan’s hobbies and interests apart from writing and railways are: football (soccer) particularly Sheffield Wednesday, reading, rockabilly music of late 1950s/‘60s and driving. He has been involved in politics at a local level and has a sense of humour.

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